Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Mice, Men, Lemons, Carrs

I thought it'd be nice if I did a little blog post today but I didn't really know what to post about so I thought 'Ah I know I'll start writing my post and just keep writing and writing and writing, and ramble on as usual so I hope that you don't mind. Of course you could stop reading but that'd be a bit rude, don't you think? I mean, you don't walk away from someone halfway through a conversation so you shouldn't leave my blog page until you've finished reading, because well, because that's just plain rude really. 

I've got an exam thingy tomorrow all about mice and men, you know that book you read for GCSE English (no offence to the author but it's not that interesting really) anyways it's my second time doing it, I'm resitting you see, because the first time round I DID CRAP. Well not crap, I got a B but that's below my target grade so I'm resitting. Which means I've had to force myself to reread the ENTIRE book, which I have done. It's only got like six chapters but it took forever because, lets face it, I'd rather count the blades of grass I could see out of the window than reread it (blades of grass are actually quiet interesting BTW). So yes, at some point tomorrow I'll be sat freezing to death in a fusty, musty, dusty old hall trying to see what time the clock says but I'll of forgotten my glasses so it'll be a dead duck

Oh yes, and I found a rather amusing YouTube video of Keith Lemon on the Alan Carrrrr show, I think there might be an age limit thingy on this video but I'm not sure so if you think this video is going to be unsuitable for you then (and I bet you watch it anyways) don't watch it, here it is:

So yes, I hope that if you thought you were "mature" enough to watch that and if you did watch it that you enjoyed it and had a bit of a chuckle at it.

Oh yes, and telly to watch, Miranda was on on the BBC last night, I think it was on on number 1 but if you Google it then you'll find out and Mrs Browns Boys was also on on the BBC so Google that too. Miranda is better than Mrs Browns Boys though I think because it's funnier and that means it makes you chuckle more.

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