Friday, 11 January 2013


Hey! I decideded to do more 'chatty' posts, so here is an attempt at a 'chatty' post, hope it's ok :)

First thing; the title. The title of this post is '-2-2+=' which has probably got you thinking 'this gal really can't do maths'. But NO! It does actually make sense, here's why! (It's actually quite cool in a sort of slightly nerdy way...)

Trace this on your pillow, it sounds like chim-chiminey from Mary Poppins, just saw it on Facebook and it actually does! Whoever discovered this, what the hell were you doing?!? How would you discover this? Perhaps it's their job to sit at home tracing numbers, letters and symbols onto a pillow until they find a combination that sounds like a song, perhaps. That's a weird job though if it is! Anyway, this is what you have to trace:


Exams. Urghhhhhhh. Like you (well most probably like you but you might be a little weird and disagree with me) I absolutely dissed exams. They are boorrinnnggg! To elaborate on that (look at me with the posh words!) exams are usually in the morning, at some unearthly hour (9am is unearthly if you ask me), in a freezing cold hall with a wobbly chair and with grumpy old invigilators. Well, had our English exam the other day. It was only a 45min one so you have to scribble away at full speed and keep your toes (your fingers are to busy writing) crossed that you finish in time. Anyway, in this particular exam there was a power-cut! The lights went out for about 5 minutes and I couldn't see a thing and the intimidatingly large clock that they put up on the large computer screen thingy at the front went off. When the power finally came back on the anti-tech invigilators spent a good 20mins putting the clock back on, without turning the volume of the computer off. This, of course, meant that you got all of those irritating bleeps that computers for some unknown reason insist on making when logging in. Finally these incompetent invigilators managed to put the clock back on, after disturbing someone and asking them the time, and announce that we had only 12 minutes left. Like almost everyone in that exam I'd got over half of my essay still left to write, as I couldn't keep track of the time because the clock had gone off. I managed it, just in time. If exams get disrupted then you get given extra time, depending on what the disturbance was. We got 30 seconds  30. That's it. I'm sorry but 30 seconds makes literally no difference to completing an exam. Sorry about that, rant over.

Anyway, I'd just like to say a quick thank-you to you for reading my blog :).

As you may or may not know I'm a massive fan of 99.999999% of all comedy. Last night I was on YouTube and I thought it'd be a nice idea if I shared one of my favourite comedy videos with you each day, or as often as I can. The first video I've picked is a sketch by Rowan Atkinson, set in Hell, with Rowan playing the devil. This piece is, in my opinion, suitable for everyone, enjoy!

Well, I hope that you enjoyed that little clip! And, if you haven't already, just try the little -2-2+= thing.
Thanks for reading, come back tomorrow for another post, yah?




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