Friday, 18 January 2013

Grandparents, Telly, Blackouts

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So today I thought I'd talk about the TV. The Telly Vision. And by that I mean I've decided to suggest to you some good telly that you might want to watch. First up, Take Me Out. Take Me Out, if you don't know, is a dating/quiz show presented by comedian Paddy McGuinness. A man comes down the 'love lift' and then tries his best to impress the 30 girls who, if unimpressed, turn out their light. (No likey, no lighty). If the poor fellow is unfortunate enough to have all 30 girls turn their lights out then he's got a blackout. This means that he doesn't get a date, but he gets some 'Paddy Love' (a hug from Paddy) and becomes a member of the 'Blackout Boys' (all of the boys from the series who got a blackout). Take Me Out is on ITV1 on a Saturday night and, like most other Saturday night shows, has a gossip show, ingeniously called Take Me Out The Gossip.

Another programme I love is Miranda, a comedy about a child-like woman's day to day life. Miranda is played/portrayed by the actress Miranda Hart. I believe that Miranda is on on Monday nights, BBC1. WARNING: This programme is shown after the watershed and contains strong language.

Mrs Browns Boys is a show about an old woman, with an irritating husband whom she calls Grandad. Mrs Brown has  children who are now grown up. This is also on BBC1 on Monday, It's on before or after Miranda, I'm not sure which way around they are. WARNING: This programme is shown after the watershed and contains strong language.

Celebrity Juice is a celebrity quiz pannel show hosted by the rather orange Keith Lemon. The show has two teams, Holly Willo'booby' (as Keith calls her) and Fearne Cotton are the team captains and every week a number of celebrity guests put in apperance. Past celebrity guests have included Kelly Brook, Gino D'Acampo, Paddy McGuinness, Kerry Katona, McFly and The Wanted. WARNING: This programme is shown after the watershed and contains strong language and adult humour.

Well, I hope that you enjoyed some/all of those little clips and are considering watching some of those telly programmes. Now, for one more clip. This clip is of Lee Evans talking about visiting your Grandparents. WARNING: Contains strong language.

Well, I hope that you enjoyed todays post, thanks for reading.




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