Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Custard, Squiggly, Spin-Off

Hey :)

Today, unlike yesterday, school was not snowed off, so we had to go in. Which was a bit of a shame really, as an extra day off wouldn't of hurt. But I had to go home, so I got half the day off anyway!

So I don't really know what to tell you about so I thought I'd blabber on about spell-check for a bit, hope that's ok with you, but if it's not then tough! Because I'm going to anyway :) You see, spell-check is, most of the time, a great thing. And I'm sure it's even better if your American. Because, you see, my spellchecker is American. Which is great, but I'm not American! So whenever I spell a word the 'English' way spellchecker puts that red squiggly line under it and says: "No. You have spelt that word wrong you custard cream". No spellchecker, it's you that's wrong, not me, so HA! 

Oh yes, and a bit of Gossip Girl news! Apparently, like most of us fans, Kristen Bell (who did the voice for GG) also thinks that Dan Humphery being GG makes no sense. Glad I'm not the only one! And apparently the show may have more episodes made, in a sort of spin-off way. A Mexican version of the show is set to be made and the cast bear a similar appearance to that of the actual cast, which I personally find a bit weird. Click HERE to find out more on this story, oh, and heres a picture of the cast:

Slightly spooky huh?

Anyway, posting everyday makes it a little tricky to think of something to post about so sorry that, like today, there sometimes a little short. Well, today's clip is one from Mrs Browns Boys, take a look, and a laugh, at this:

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