Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Are You Brainier Than Joey Essex?

From Celebrity Juice.

As promised, here's a quiz. And not just a bog-standard quiz. Oh no. This quiz is VERY difficult, or at least it is if your name happens to be Joey Essex. Make sure you remember your answers, to see whether your brainier than Joey Essex or not. 

Q1) What country does Danish bacon come from?

Q2) How many sides does a square have?

Q3) Finish off this famous phrase; 'It's raining cats and ____'.

Q4)What animal does beef come from?

Q5)Which country borders Wales?

And now for the answers-watch this clip and no cheating!

Well, how many did you get right? Joey scored a marvelous 2/5, what did you get? Are you brainier than him or not? And if your not, then how the hell did you manage to read the questions?

I hope you enjoyed that quiz, and managed to score at the very least 4/5 on it.

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