Saturday, 12 January 2013

Fish Fingers, Fanfics, Taxi Reciepts

Today is a Saturday which means that it's the weekend which means that today there was no school which means that today I didn't go to school which means that today I did something different then going to school. So, what did I do?

Like a typical teenager on a Saturday 'morning' I didn't get up until it was actually afternoon, and I only got up because Mum had made me fish finger sandwidges (sandwiches-I always spell it with a d for some bizarre reason). I did do some exercise today, if walking around Boots and PC World for an hour counts as exercise

It's supposed to snow soon, yippee, so I keep looking out the window like a tortoise poking it's head out of its shell to check if it had snowed yet. It's not. I hope it does snow, don't get me wrong, but I have an RS exam on Friday and I want to be able to do it.... But Monday-Thursday off of school would be great!

Oh yeah! Whilst I remember I've posted a request on tumblr for someone to write a Gossip Girl fanfic for me, which I would post regularly here, on my blog. In return links to your tumblr/twitter would also be posted. If your interested then either message me on tumblr ( or dm me on twitter (@Rebecca_rew).

I've got two videos for you today, as I have had a lot less to tell you about today. The first is a clip from Russell Howards Good News of Chris Ramsey performing stand-up. Its not bad, not the best stand-up I've seen. The start is a bit unlaughable but it gets better as it goes on, and towards the end it really is actually quite funny.

Chris Ramsey; Good News

The second video is a clip of Celebrity Juice, The Wanted Special. Members of opposing teams took it in turns to join Keith in his wild west saloon. They were each given a different item to get and the first to get their item won a point for their team. Bras, T-shirts, rounds of drinks and taxi receipts were among the things that members of The Wanted + Chris Ramsey had to find.

The Wanted List

So, I hope that you enjoyed those two clips and thanks for reading, check back here tomorrow for more.




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