Monday, 28 January 2013


This morning there were two rather interesting headlines on the Daily Mail, the paper which seems to pop through my letterbox everyday.

'Andy was flying until a feather floored him'
The first one was about Andy Murray, and the fact that he didn't manage to win his match against Nadel. For some bizzare reason the Mail has decided that a feather that some how managed to float down onto Murray's side of the court was to blame for his defeat. I'm sorry, but really? The real reason Murray lost was because he'd got a bad foot and simply because Nadel, on that particular day, played better than him. And Andy was NOT flying, he did do the odd jump but that is not classed as flying.

'Harry leaves all night 10.30am!'
Oh no! Catastrophe! A young 28 year old solider home from Afghanistan can't possibly go out partying all night! What a crime! True, he is an important figure in Britain, a prince to be precise, but even so, why shouldn't he have a good time? At least photos of him playing strip billiards didn't get shared around the world again, in fact Harry himself said that it was a 'private occasion' and that the pictures should not have been leaked. In my opinion they shouldn't have even been took. Anyway, we can only wait with baited breath to see what one of, if not the, worlds most eligible bachelor will get up to next.

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