Sunday, 27 January 2013

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Hey :)

So I've finally managed to do that annoying homework :), thank god for school email systems. Sorry, I simply just had to tell you that! Anyway, can you notice anything different? Anything different about my blog at all? Perhaps the new background? The new header? The logo's down the side? Yes, in a bid to make TPimH more professional-looking I've redesigned. Hope you like it! By clicking on the logos down the side you can go directly to my Tumblr/Instagram/Twitter, and you can directly follow me on all of them! So, once you've read this post, you can go follow! 

Well then, today's Sunday which means that the weekends almost over (BooHoo). So, this weekends been rather weird weather wise. Friday night there was literally tonnes of snow, meaning that when I woke up Saturday morning I was only a few centimeters away from being snowed in. Luckily I wasn't and myself and my family went to an area of England, known as the Peak District where there was even more snow than there was where I live and it was even colder. The roads were slow and the car journey was extremely irritating, but luckily I had old episodes of Celebrity Juice on my iPod to keep me entertained throughout the journey, making it seem not as long as it actually was, by that I mean that the car journey seemed to go fairly quickly. Anyway I took my camera with me so I could get some lovely shots of the snow, icicles and what-not. I walked up this seemingly mahoosive hill and got my camera out to take a lovely scenic photograph, like the ones you see on postcards. But oh no, my camera was not gonna take a photo. In fact, it refused to even switch on (mardy bugger). This was, of course, extremley annoying but, being me, I decided to try and make the best of it, by taking some photos on my phone. Of course, these photos turned out absolutely awfully shockingly. So yes, I would've had some beau-ti-ful photographygraphs to show you, but stupid camera decided not to work. And, when I got home, the fudging thing decided to work.
Last night there was the equivalent of Friday nights snow, but this time it was rain. Thank the lord! The snow is (almost) dead. For now at least. Honestly, I do love the snow so long as there's enough of it so we get the day off but if we still have to go to school? Then I absolutely loathe (posh word used there, make note!) it. It just gets in the way and means that you have to wonder around dressed like you live within the Arctic Circle, in order to remain warm. 

Somehow I stumbled across this rather amusing photo of Holly Willoughby (whose name is trickyer than a rubix cube to spell) with Ant & Dec, at the after-party of the NTAs (last years I think). It gave me the chuckles, so I thought it might give them you too:

In case your wondering, the two things which Holly is holding are two NTA awards.

I was looking around YouTube, you know, like you do, when I came across this interview from This Morning (not this morning as in today, but as in the daytime telly show). It's really quite sweet and, I admit it, almost had me in tears

It's really quite moving, don't you think?

After that moving interview here's something, quite a lot less moving, for you to watch. It's a clip of Caroline Flack on Celebrity Juice, and it's a montage of all the Harry Styles jokes.....

Prepare yourself for a quiz! That's what my next post will be :)

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