Friday, 1 February 2013

Tom Daley D-Lister?

Tom Daley, bronze medalist and Olympic diver, is the star of the Saturday night ITV show Splash! I personally find Splash! one of the most boring programmes around. But some people are strangely addicted to it. Well, like me, Daley's sponsors, Adidas  seem to dislike Splash! They are concerned that Tom is becoming too close a friend with some of the D-List celebs that appear on the show. Tom has significantly raised his profile by taking part in the ITV show, but the question is, will he accept ITV's offer of another series, which will most definatley increase his bank balance?


  1. I disagree. Nobody wanted to be able to hear that comment. I am gping to the prime minister and asking him to create a campaign asking him to stop the peoplene who are bullying Tom Daley to stop.

    1. Well everyone's entitled to their own opinion I guess and I do think that it's a shame that some people are nasty too Tom but at the end of the day every famous person has people who hate them.