Saturday, 2 February 2013


Thought it'd be nice if I shared with you what I've been up to last month, and the best way I could think of doing this was through my January Instagram photos.

The first magazine of my Vogue subscription came, something which I was really pleased about. It was February's issue, which unfortunately meant I ended up missing January's  Still, that chocolate biscuit I ate whilst I read it was tasty!  

There was quite a bit of snow this January, though it disappeared almost as quickly as it came! I went sledging, threw snowballs and, my favourite snow activity, making snow angels! I didn't make any snowmen or snowmen though, which was a shame.

When it snows really heavily, and the school buses don't run or the school site isn't safe my school closes. This January, because of the snow, we got a day off, which was great! Though it was only one day, it was better than none. So because I had the day off I had a nice long lie in and then got up and made pancakes for breakfast. Do you think it's weird that I like butter and sugar on my pancakes? All my friends do but it's normal, right? 

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