Thursday, 21 February 2013

Brought together by the 2013 Brits; the hottest(?) "new couple"

This years Brits have to be my favourite ones so far. The performances, the outfits, the glitz, the empty beer bottles on the tables, and not forgetting the music all made it this. However, the most funny moment of the night has to be this:
Yupp, comedian and Brits presenter James Corden locked lips for more than just a peck with Radio 1 DJ Nick Grimshaw
Here's the moment it happened:

Tuning into Radio 1 this morning as usual Nick Grimshaw, who coincidentally is the very man who booked Harry Styles a stripper for his birthday, appeared to have forgotten about what he got up too! On being reminded by his co-presenters he said that he didn't realize they were live on TV. Oops! Does anyone else think that Nick Grimshaw looks ever so slightly like comedian Russell Kane

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