Thursday, 28 February 2013


Today is the 1st of March, which may have hit you by surprise because, like me, you forgot that February was quite a short month. First of all, HAPPY MARCH, and second of all, today is SUICIDE AWARENESS DAY. I don't know if you've seen it on Facebook but today, in order to raise suicide awareness, lots of people are writing KEEP FIGHTING or STAY STRONG on their arms. I'm doing this and I think that, regardless of if it's suicide awareness day in your country today, you should too. If you follow me on twitter or instagram then you may have already seen this photo that I took:
I may not know you, your story or that you've self harmed. But I do know that you should KEEP FIGHTING and never give up.
You don't have to write a message that long on your arm, you can just put KEEP FIGHTING or STAY STRONG. By just writing this arm you will help raise suicide awareness and if you share a photo of what you write on your arm (I set mine as my wall photo on Facebook) you will help to raise even more awareness for suicide.

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