Friday, 1 February 2013

Harry Birthday Harry!

You probably know this already, today is One Direction's heart throb Harry Styles' 19th birthday. Yupp, the mop-haired singer has now been on this earth for precisely nineteen years! So, how has he celebrated his birthday so far?

Well, if I say 'Caroline Flack' what does it make you think? Before Harry's split with singer Taylor Swift Harry was originally going to celebrate his 19th with Taylor, in the Italian city of love, Venice. Well, because Taylor is no longer on the scene Harry met up with his ex, Caroline Flack, in London. They previously dated when Harry was 17, and when Caroline was a youthful 32. Now that Harry's older, perhaps they'll get back together? A year can make a heck of a lot of differences, and I loved the Harry/Caroline jokes that were made! 

Nick Grimshaw and James Corden joined Harry for dinner, in a Mexican-styled resturant, La Bodega Negra. Of course Harry met up with his bandmates, for a game of footie. Last night Harry had a party, which non of his band mates showed up at. Is the band having a few problems? Only time will tell!

What will Harry get up to next, celebrating his 19th? I'll be sure to keep you all posted!

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