Wednesday, 13 February 2013

2013 BAFTA's in Detail

You know, I never knew what BAFTA stood for, it's not hard to guess though! And I was just about to tell you what it stands for, but I've forgotten so I'm not, sorry. Well, despite the rain/snow/sleet the BAFTAs were just as glamorous as anticipated. I'm not too sure about the beard which Stephen Fry was sporting but ah well. The advice Stephen gave the to-be winners was indeed great, he basically told them not to blabber on for ages, and when he said that I thought 'god, I hope they don't blabber on for ages with their acceptance speeches'.

Paloma Faith's hair was... Interesting, and her singing as amazing as ever. The clips of various songs that were played throughout her singing went well with the song, and made me want to go see all of the films the clips were from. Whilst these clips were playing I couldn't help but think that a large proportion of the nominated films had the theme of slavery running through them.

The BAFTA for Outstanding British Film was awarded to Skyfall which I was pleased about, as it was the only one of the nominations I've actually seen. When they played the clip for it my dad said 'I've seen that bit' well dad, that's possibly because you went to see the whole film in the cinema, and unless you went out to get some more popcorn during that part, which is exceedingly unlikely, I'm really not surprised you've seen it.

The award for Original Screenplay awarded by Sally Field, and the winning nominee was Django Unchained. I have to say that I really admire the screenplay writers, as they write such magnificent and thought provoking films, something which can't be that easy to do. So, screenplay writers, I take my hat off to you.

Supporting Actor was awarded by the glamorous Jennifer Lawrence to the nominee Christoph Weltz for his role in Django Unchained. For saying that he's an actor Christoph seemed rather nervous, stood in front of the Opera House in front of the mic.

Scottish comedian Billy Connolly presented the award for the most outstanding debut -----. He presented the award in front of 'ladies, gentlemen and Stephen' to nominee ---- for The Imposter.

A clip of Life of Pie was next played, and the introduction and relation to American Pie - 'teenage boys pleasuring themselves with fruit-filled pies' was rather amusing.

It's amazing how life like special effects are these days compared to films from the back to the future era. The winning nominee for Special Effects was Life of Pie.

The award for Supporting Actress was awarded by the dapper George Clooney to the beautiful nominee Anne Hathaway for her role in Les Miserables. Seeing Anne on stage she reminded me a bit of the classy Audrey Hepburn. I'm glad Anne won, now I know how you pronounce the musical name Les Miserables.

The award for Adapted Screenplay was presented rather professionally to David O. Russell for Silver Linings.

The Outstanding Contribution to British Cinema was awarded to Tessa Ross.

Lincoln was the next film to be showcased. Fry introduced it with the words 'take a look at this bitches'. Very Stephen Fry.

Headhunters, Amour, Rust and Bone, The Hunt and Untouchable were all nominated for the Not In The English Language Award, and out of all of those nominees Amour won.

The EE Rising Star Award was presented by John C. Riley and Sarah Silverman. Juno Temple (from St Trinians), Elizabeth Olten, Suraj Sharma, Alicia Vikander and Andrea Riseborough were all nominated for this award but the winner was the amazed and starstruck Juno Temple.

Next came the emotional part of the night, as a montage of deceased members of the film industry was played.

The BAFTA for documentry was, out of these nominees Marley, The Imposter, Searching for Sugar Man, West of Memphis, McCullin, awarded to Searching for Sugar Man.

Le Miserable was the final nominee to be showcased. Surprisingly all of the contributors to Le Mis managed to pronounce it properly, something which I, among many others, find incredibly hard to do.

The BAFTA award for Director went to Ben Afflek for his film Argo. All members of the film industry look greatly up to directors and admire their ability to bring together the millions of pieces that make up a film.

Emmanuelle Riva was the nominee who won the award for Best Actress, for her role in Amour. Sarah Jessica Parker presented the award for Best Actor to Daniel Day-Lewis for his role in Lincoln.

Samuel L Jackson presented the next BAFTA, for Best Film went to Argo.
The next award to be awarded was the BAFTA Fellowship. This was awarded to the multi-talented Alan Parker.
Awards that were presented earlier went too:
Short Film-Swimmer
Short Animation-The Making of Longbird
Costume Design-Anna Karenina
Make Up & Hair-Les Miserable
Animated Film-Brave
Sound-Les Miserable
Cinematography-Life Of Pie
Original Music-Skyfall
Production Design-Les Miserable

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