Saturday, 2 February 2013

Happy February!

Happy February!
At last what is the worst month of the year, for me anyway, January, is over! Thank goodness! The evenings are beggining to get lighter and its really not all that long until spring. As you have probably realized I've recently started posting celebrity news/gossip. Some of it you'll probably think 'Oh, that's interesting  and some of it you'll probably think 'who the hell is that?' or 'why do I care?', but that's life I'm afraid.

Whilst I was on I read about a 10 year old boy in America, who is suing the police for something like $20 million after they handcuffed and interregated him. The young boy was being questioned after he was suspected of picking up a $5 bill during a fight. He's 10 for god's sake! It's only $5! Does he really need to be handcuffed and interregated? Surely a ticking off and being grounded would have been punishment enough? Honestly, sometimes I wonder what the world is coming too!

To tell you the truth, I never really know what to blog about these days. It's hard to think of something people would want to read, so I've decided to do one, possibly two, blog posts like this one a week. That way I should always have something to say, something vaguely interesting anyway. But on the days that I don't  post a blog post like this (this is getting a little confusing, methinks) I'll post celebrity news, and on the weekends other random-y posts, such as 'What's In My Handbag?' or quizzes. Another thing that I feel I should do is include more pictures in my bloggy-posts, though I don't really know what to include them of.

One thing that I'm determind to do this year is write a bucket list, and I have made a start:

So yeah, as you can see I haven't managed to get very far.... One thing which will most definatley be on my bucket list will be buy a Wreck This Journal and wreck it. It looks like such a fun thing to do and the ones I've seen all look really cool once they've been wrecked!

For Christmas I got this wonderful perfume gift set, of Lady GaGa's new scent. 
The bottle on the left is the perfume, Fame, and the bottle on the right is the matching shower gel. I kind of really want to use them but at the same time I really don't. Arghh! It's so annoying! I've still got an almost full bottle of Rihannas Rebel Fleur, however you spell it, to use. I think that Rihanna's perfume is quite summery, so I'll use that this summer and GaGa's this winter. Perfect!

Anyway, to make you all even more cheerful, here's a clip of Russell Kane, Live at the Apollo:
This clip may not be suitable for all audiences.

I'd just like to say thanks for reading, and keep reading my blog, because it really does mean a lot!

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