Thursday, 28 February 2013


Managed to catch up on Paddy's TV Guide at last. The last episodes theme was talent and one of my favourite parts was the bit about Black Lace, the band who wrote not one, not two, but three hit party songs. The name Black Lace might not really go with any of their songs; Agadoo, Superman etc. Superman is my favourite song of theirs, too be honest I've only heard two of them, with it's dance instructions such as 'comb your hair' its certainly a rock n roll song.

Here's the proper version:

ring the bell
comb your hair
wave your hands come on wave ur hands

And here's Paddy's modernized version:
Tweet your friends,
Play your wii
Start a riot
Botox your face

Click HERE to go to watch this episode, on the C4 website.

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