Friday, 14 December 2012

Gossip Girl;The Revengers Review

My second to last ever Gossip Girl review :'(

Towards the end I was busy munching away on my crunchie choco-bar and all of a sudden WHAM! Bart Bass is hanging of the edge of a high-rise building. I don't like Bart, after what he did too Chuck who ever could? But no-one deserves Bart's ending. A life-time locked up in prison yes, a slightly more peaceful death, even better, yes. But falling from a building with his son refusing to save him? No. Though it did solve a lot of problems for Blair & Chuck.

Speaking of Chuck, how the heck did he survive that plane journey? I'm assuming that he parachuted out more or less the second it took off or that he got back off of the plane. All I can say is, I'm glad he survived. Blair's face when she thought he was dead. Oh God. This is THE only episode of GG too which I have shed a tear.

When Dan introduced Chuck I was so relieved! I honestly thought he was a goner  until I remembered the spoilers for New York I Love You XOXO (which I will be posting soon!). The fact that Dan did the right thing (for once) by introducing Chuck instead of Bart did give me a teensy-winsy bit more respect for him, but not much!

Serena leaving town? Honestly speaking, it had virtually no impact whatsoever on me.

Tut Tut Tut. Nate following in his fathers footsteps? Not a good idea. Getting caught? Defiantly not a good idea! I was glad to see that he'd been released though, I want to know how! Thing is, if he's just on bail does that mean he might get arrested again? Or has Bart's death meant that the chargers have been automatically dropped? Idk.

My favourite part of the episode was the final part, when Bart dies, though I suspect he will somehow mysteriously come back to life. Though having said that, there isn't really much time for him to! I also particularly enjoyed the part where Blair & Chuck said goodbye to each other, and I must say that I admired Chuck immensely for going into 'exile' as the writers put in order to save the ones he loves. Lots of reviews have been made critisising the music featured in the episode, calling it cheesy, but honestly? I thought it added to the effect of the episode! The worst part of the episode.... well TBH I can't remember it, so I don't think there was one!

From the second Blair's Audrey dream began you could tell that it was going to be an awesome episode, the ones beginning with Blair's dreams always are the best!

Anyway, next week I'll write the FINAL (sob) EVER (sob) review, for New York I Love You XOXO.

Click HERE to watch The Revengers if you haven't already!

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