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Gossip Girl; New York I Love You XOXO; Last spoilers!

Tonight is the final episode of Gossip Girl, 2 hours worth of it, New York I Love You XOXO. I'm posting just a few more spoilers, the rest that I can find, and I hope that you enjoy reading them. Unfortunately New York I Love You XOXO isn't aired in the UK today, and it's shown in the USA at around what would be midnight in the UK, so I'll have to wait until tomorrow to watch it. Once I've found a link to where to watch it, one that works, I'll post it so that any of you who haven't had the chance to watch it can. So, without further ado, here are the spoilers!
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That's right Upper East Siders, tonight is the last episode of Gossip Girl and while season 6 has been a bit of a mess, hopefully this final outing won't be a disappointment. There are returning faces, cameos, one final scheme and we will find out who Gossip Girl really is. Spoilers ahead.
Last week ended with a scene that was stylized to the point of ridiculous as Bart Bass (Robert John Burke) plummeted to his death, after his own plot to kill Chuck (Ed Westwick) failed. Gossip Girl has been known for doing dream sequences inspired by Audrey Hepburn movies (like the one at the start of the episode), but this felt like one step too far. What it means of course is that the police will be looking at Chuck as prime suspect number one, especially as Chuck had rather publicly just minutes before accused Bart of trying to kill him. They're going to need one major plan to get Chuck off the hook and it's lucky that he has Blair (Leighton Meester) at his side. Will this pair get a happy ending?
Reinforcements are needed and there will be several familiar faces returning to Manhattan including Jack Bass (Desmond Harrington), Eric (Connor Paolo) and Jenny (Taylor Momsen). It looks like a wedding is part of this, but will Chuck and Blair tie the knot before the police arrive? As you can see in the sneak peeks below everyone will be playing their part, including Georgina (Michelle Trachtenberg) who has never turned down an opportunity to be part of a major scheme. Georgina is somewhat preoccupied with the contents of Dan's (Penn Badgley) final chapter, the contents of which are still a mystery but could be part of the 'Who is Gossip Girl?' reveal. In a clip below Dan tells Georgina that he isn't giving it to Vanity Fair, could he instead be helping out Nate (Chace Crawford) who has also been working on this story? After Nate (deservedly) punched Dan at Thanksgiving this would be a big move to get back on side with everyone.
Dan has more than just this chapter on his mind, as he is still trying to convince Serena (Blake Lively) that he is a good guy and slipped the good chapter into Serena's luggage at the end of last week. Serena has been in love so many times that it won't be surprising if she ends up with Dan, but I'd probably be more satisfied if she goes with the 'I choose me' scenario.
This season has been a mess in places; we've spent too much time with new characters such as Sage (Sofia Black D'Elia), the Bart investigation meandered all over the place in a snooze-inducing manner until last week and despite what the producers said at the start of the season, the Blair/Serena friendship has not been all that central to the plot. I'm not saying that I expected grand things from these final ten episodes - as the show has declined in quality over the seasons, but I thought they would be ridiculous in a fun way. Sadly this hasn't been the case and characters such as Blair have become less sympathetic thanks to their churlish ways. It worked when they were in high school, but now that they are adults this bratty behavior is not appealing.
So who is Gossip Girl? Do you care or are you more interested to see who Kristen Bell is playing tonight? What would you like to see happen in the finale?
Watch 3 sneak peeks below and for a look at the promo video and photos head here and here. At 8:00 p.m. ET/PT, a retrospective will air, including interviews with the cast and producers.  The final episode begins at 9:00 p.m.
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