Sunday, 23 December 2012

Gossip Girl; The Wild Brunch Quotes

Blake, Ed, Leighton & Chace on the set of The Wild Brunch

I just re-watched The Wild Brunch (Series 1, Episode 2) and here, are some of my favourite quotes:

"That's enough ladies, and i'll be sure to tell my father just how 'committed' you are to the hospitality industry."
-Chuck Bass

"Don't mock the scarf Nathaniel, it's my signature"
-Chuck Bass

"Better a broken nose than a broken heart"
-Chuck Bass

"The more you hide yourself away the more people are going to think you have to hide"
-Lilly van der Woodsen

Serena van der Woodsen: "I thought everything was good between us?
Blair Waldorf: "It was, until you had sex with my boyfriend"

"I always knew you were a whore, I never took you as a liar too"
-Blair Waldorf

"I'll have you wait on the kerb with the rest of the trash "
-Chuck Bass

"Hey anytime man, that one black-eye looks a little lonely"
-Dan Humphery

"You need to decide, if all this, is worth it"
-Blair Waldorf

"I was in the neighborhood, give or take 70 blocks"
-Dan Humphery

"Looks like Chuck and Blair showed up with quite an attitude, for destruction that is"
-Gossip Girl

"Charles! The invitations said black tie, not black eye"
-Bart Bass

"I'm honored to be playing even a small part in your de-flowering"
-Chuck Bass

Blair Waldorf: "Oh, so you do want to talk to her?"
Nate Archibald: "yes, to explain why I'm not talking to her"

"Oi Daniel, so little time, so many sluts to defend"
-Chuck Bass

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