Saturday, 15 December 2012

10 Days To Go!!

Eeekkk!! It's only 10 more days until Christmas! I've written all my cards, wrapped all my presents and opened 15 days of my advent calender. A crisis with the Christmas tree lights has meant that the tree is yet to have been put up, though it should'nt be long! If I'm honest with you I don't feel all that christmassy that year but hey-ho, I'm sure that once the tree is up I will!
So far this Christmas has been quite Christmassy, I've been to see The Nativity 2 in the cinema (a hilarious film starring David Tennant) which I recommend you go and see ASAP, received plenty of Christmas cards, been to see Santa with my cousins (your never to old!) and been to a couple of Christmas parties. I've also played plenty of Christmas songs on my keyboard (I might record one and upload it).
This Christmas I'm hoping for a white ipod touch (hint hint), what are you after? 
Unfortunately I currently have the most horrendous cold (blurrgh) but hopefully it'll be gone over the weekend. There was no point me going to school on Friday, I spent more time blowing my nose than doing any work. Anyway, I thought I'd share with you some of my Christmassy Instagram photos (@beccab1712 follow me maybe?).
Advent Calender
Christmas Jumper & Leggings
Snuggly Teddy Mittens (Tesco, if you want some!)
Snowman! Unfortunatley theres been no snow yet though :( (Still got my fingers crossed!)
Gingerbread house made by my cousin 
J2O Glitterberry (Slurrpp!!)

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