Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Gossip Girl; New York I Love You XOXO; Review

So it's over. After six years of love, hate, crime, passion and of course gossip Gossip Girl has finished. Wahh!! I loved the flash backs. I loved the fact that Chuck & Blair got married. I love the fact that they had a son, with long hair, in a suit, just like his father! I love the fact that Serena & Dan got married. I loved the show. Buttt......

There wasn't much drama was there? But then I guess that to compare any episode to the last, The Revengers, it wouldn't seem like there was, would it? Whilst it was a great last episode it felt slightly rushed, like they were just trying to tie everything off in a hurry so that they could end the show. Personally I thought that they could've made a couple more episodes out of it, but ah well, on the whole it was a bloody awesome way to end.

The five years later bit was great! I loved how we got to see a short snippet of how everyone was in the future. Chuck & Blair with their adorable son, Henry; Dan & Serena (in a gorgeous dress) about to tie the knot; Jack with Georgina (they are so suited to each other  and Nate a high-flying, beautiful as ever, owner and editor of The Spectator. It looks like all of the characters got their dreams in the end (with a little help form Gossip Girl of course!).

Speaking of Gossip Girl, what did you think to Dan turning out to be her? I did think that he might be her, well either him or Jenny, though, if I'm honest, it wasn't that big a surprise, I thought that they should've found out in a more dramatic way. In fact, the revealing of GG could've and probably shouldv'e had a whole episode dedicated to that particular story-line. I guess that Dan fits the bill though, he saw everyone almost daily, wrote and had a reason behind him.

 I loved the fact that Jack Bass played a sort of narrator role, it seemed to be mainly him who moved the episode along. Jack and Georgina ending up together is just pure genius of the shows' writers. They go together perfectly! Both of them have a passion for scheming and both of them are bad but in a good kind of way. A match made in heaven I say.

Chuck and Blair's marriage. I won't deny it, I may have shed a teeny-weeny tear and when I saw Henry Bass? Maybe another one. I loved how Cyrus was proper going for a full on wedding service and that, when they spotted the police, Blair & Chuck were like"quick, skip to the I do part". Cyrus managed to finish the service just in time, thank God!

My only question is, what happened to Sage? She was there at the start of the episode but, by the end, it was as if she'd been abducted by aliens or something! Also I would've liked to of seen more of Jenny and Eric. If it was up to me Jenny, Eric and the main cast would've all gone on a hunt for GG. But obviously the writers didn't think that that was a good idea.

Overall I loved New York I Love You XOXO, just like I loved every single episode of Gossip Girl,  and I'm determined to go visit NYC at some point in my life Now that the show has ended I'm going to watch all of the episodes from the very beginning  if I spot any hints to the fact that Dan is Gossip Girl then I'll be sure to point them out to you! The episode, like the entire series, was really quite beautiful, the clothes, the people, the setting. Everything. So, this is the end of my review, I hope that you enjoyed reading it and I hope that, even though Gossip Girl has ended, you'll continue to read my blog.

As Gossip Girl herself (or should it be himself?) would say;
You know you love me, XOXO.

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