Friday, 14 December 2012


Seeing as the next episode is the last episode of Gossip Girl I thought I'd make my last Gosisp Girl spoiler post the best possible. So, here are all of the best spoilers I could find, hope you enjoy reading/watching them!
Picture Spoilers

Word Spoilers
The episode will be 2 hours long.

The Series Finale begins with the stars and executive producers bidding farewell to the Upper East Side in a look back at the show's many unforgettable moments. Then, in a fashionable farewell to remember, our favorite Upper East Siders join forces for one last soiree, and the shocking identity of Gossip Girl is finally revealed. SOURCE

Gossip Girls identity is revealed, Chuck and Blair marry, Chuck gets arrested for Bart's 'murder' (more of an accidental death, methinks), Dan and Serena marry, speculation that Chuck and Blair will have a child, a dream, a flash-back and a flash-forward. Jenny Humphery, Eric van der Woodsen and Juliet return. SOURCE

Sneek Peeks
Video Spoilers

So, who do you think is Gossip Girl?
Personally I think it's Jenny Humphrey,
let me know who you think it is in the comments below!

Oh, and one last thing, found this video which I thought was rather good:
Well, I hope that you enjoyed this, my final Gossip Girl spoiler post and I hope that you enjoy the final episode, New York I Love You XOXO.
I will be sure to post a link to where you can watch it online as soon as possible.
Watch this space!

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