Sunday, 4 November 2012

Other blogs...

On this accout I have two other blogs, one entitled Cuba and the other called the Stardolling world.
The Cuba blog I made in geography, when we had to do a project on a country. Being me I decided to be different to everyone else and make a blog instead of a poster, which most people seemed to be doing. As expected, only one person (the teacher) has viewed this blog and your more than welcome to take a look at it (warning: it is rather boring).
The Stardolling world isn't a bad blog. By this I mean its not boring, however, it is rather irrelevant. I used to be addicted to a website called Stardolls, on which you get to make your own doll and buy clothes for it etc. If any of you have a Stardolls obsession then feel free to take a look at my doll, Carlotta347 I belive it was called. Anyway, the Stardolling world was basically a blog about Stardolls.
I would delete these blogs though unfortunately I have no idea how to, so there here to stay. For now.

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