Wednesday, 7 November 2012


Nail Polish....... 

You can use any nail polish colours for this, baby pink and white as well as black and silver also go well together.
  1. Apply a base-coat, to avoid staining.
  2. Paint one layer of block colour carefully onto your nails (eg-silver).
  3. Paint a second layer of your chosen block colour ontop (eg-silver).
  4. Once its dried carefully, using a colour which works well with your block colour (eg-black on silver) and begin in the top corner of your nails. Carefully draw on the flicks, 3 per nail works best. 
  5. Once the flicks have dried, paint one layer of clear nail polish on-top.
  6. Wait for your nails to be completley dry and there you go! Perfect flick styled nails!

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