Thursday, 22 November 2012

Gossip Girl; Where the Vile Things Are REVIEW

I know its a bit late but I only just got chance to catch up on Gossip Girl. As a reminder of what happened read the summary below, and click HERE for the source of the summary and links to watch the episode.

Blair gets ready for her mother's imminent arrival, but is unprepared for the set of demands her mother puts upon her. Serena volunteers to help Dan find a new place to live, but their time together brings up unexpected emotions. With Ivy's help, Chuck discovers there is evidence incriminating his father in illegal activities and enlists the help of Nate to retrieve it. Meanwhile, Rufus and Ivy are excited about their art gallery opening until they find an empty RSVP list and must scramble to find another way to make the event a success. Source: The CWDirector: Norman BuckleyWriter: Danny Steele 

There were a number of things which I enjoyed about this episode, mainly the simply gorgeous artwork! Like Lily Bass I aslo am a great fan of the 'Rainbow Woman' painting and I must say that I miss seeing it hanaging above the stairs in the van der Woodsen apartment. However, I do think that the way in which the painting, which has hung the the van der Woodsen apartment ever since the first episode, was used was great as it linked this series to the first.

Other links to the first series were obvious, such as Serena and Dan's 'date' (is that what it's called?). The linkage between this episode and the first series is part of what made this episode so great to watch, I loved linking the small details together! 

Being a huge fan of Downton Abbey and Gossip Girl Eleanor Waldorf's reference to Downton Abbey made me smile. I felt that the episode was extremely current, partly due to the very modern, very up-to-date technology. 

I did feel sorry for Blair, as, personally, I had no problem whatsoever with the dress that she got Sage to wear for cottilion. However, I do have a problem with the first of Blair's outfits. To put it bluntly I felt that she looked like a frumpy old granny in that yellow cardigan. But that's just personal opinion. I was a fan of Blair's art benefit dress though, that I will say.

Anyway, back to the art benefit! That benefit must have raised a heck of a lot of money, mainly due to Lilly, Rufus and Ivy's argument. Chuck left his limo to walk on the sidewalk? What is this? Though I will admit, I could kill Ivy. After all, if you think about it, it's her stopping Chuck and Blair being together!
Oh, and one more thing I don't know if all Americans say this but when they say multi they don't say mul-tee they say mul-tie. If your american and your reading this then please comment and let me know how you say multi, I'm curious!

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