Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Gossip Girl: Portrait of a Lady Alexander Review

So I watched the latest gossip girl episode, Portrait of a Lady Alexander and I have to say that I didn't find it as dramatic as the last few episodes.
I'm glad that Chuck Bass has finally got close to exposing Bart Bass' secret though I am finding that story line particuarly interesting  I hope that, in the next episode, Waldorf Designs gets back on track or at least plays a part in the episode! 
Sage reminds me of Vanessa, whom I'd still love to see make a reappearance in this, the final season. 
The fact that Steven slept with Lilly and that Steven didn't tell Serena van der Woodsen I find quite disgusting, though I think that he can be forgiven as he evidently didn't realize that it was Lilly who he slept with.
I'm super-glad that Steven and Nate Archibald no longer have daggers drawn, though to me Steven does look rather like Nate's cousin, the one who was a congressman (forgotten his name!). I feel sorry for Nate as he seems to be under a lot of fire at the moment, what with Dan Humphery stopping publishing in his magazine among other things and I hope that the Spectator, along with Waldorf designs, recovers fully before the final episode. 
Ivy seems to be a proper two-faced bitch, lying to Rufus. I hope that Rufus Humphery realizes that shes been going behind his back ASAP! 
The next episode, Monstrous Ball, looks like it'll be awesome!

Monstrous Ball trailer:

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