Thursday, 8 November 2012

Nails: Lattice

To create these lattice nails you need to use 2 colours (eg-black and pink). The top colour (eg-black) must be darker than the block colour (eg-pink).

  1. Paint clear nail polish or a base coat onto your nails and wait for it to dry.
  2. Paint your block colour (eg-pink) on-top of your base coat (you may need two coats).
  3. Once the block colour is dry very carefully paint diagonal lines in a darker colour (eg-black) on-top of the block colour.
  4. Then paint more diagonal lines on-top of those you already have. Paint them so that they form a criss-cross lattice.
  5. Once the lattice has completely dried paint a top coat or clear nail polish on-top.
  6. When your nails have dried you have perfect lattice nails! Simple.

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