Thursday, 14 March 2013

Tumblr TV Quiz

I was scrolling away through Tumblr, you know, like you do, and I came across this TV quiz, which I thought would be fun to try. The questions are in bold and my answers are in italic. Why not grab some paper and answer the questions yourself? At the same time you can read my answers too, just for inspiration! And if your not sure what one of my 5 shows is then click on it- I've hyper linked the show names to their Wikipedia page.

Pick 5 TV Shows you like before reading the questions.

I couldn't find a titles picture for Way To Go, so I decided to just leave it, hope you don't mind, because it's tough if you do!

1. Who is your favourite character in 2?
Chuck Bass
2. Who is your least favourite character in 1?
3. What’s your favourite episode of 4?
That's quite a tough question! My favourite contestants that have been on the show so far are Philip Schofield, Paddy McGuinness and Rufus Hound. The Wanted Special was also quite a good episode.
4. What is your favourite season of 5?
I've only really just started watching the show, so it has to be the latest series, series 3. At some point though I am determined to catch up on the other series!
5. What’s your favourite relationship in 3?
Rory and Dino
6. Who is your anti-relationship in 2?
Serena and Dan
7. How long have you watched 1?
Since it began, and seeing as it's only on it's first series, not long.
8. How did you become interested in 3?
Lots of my friends watched it and tweeted about how funny it was so I thought I'd go take a look at it, and I'm glad I did because it's excellent!
9. Who is your favorite actor in 4?
Well, there's only really one actor, and that's Leigh Francis, who presents the show as Keith Lemon.
11. Which show have you seen more episodes of 1 or 3?
3, although I only started watching it recently I've managed to watch all of the previous series.
12. If you could be anyone from 4, who would you be?
Holly Willoughby because she always looks stylish!
13. How would you kill off your favourite character in 5?
I don't really have a favourite character  though the main character is Miranda and she'd simply have to die in a really peculiar  funny and unusual way. Of course I hope she doesn't die otherwise there wouldn't really be a show left!
14. Would a 1/3 crossover work
A crossover between Way To Go and Mrs Browns Boys could probably work quite well. Mrs Browne could pay Scott & co to come and kill Grandad, using their McFlurry suicide machine.
15. Pair two characters in 1 that would make an unlikely, but strangely okay couple.
You can't really answer this question, as the cast consists mostly of three men, one of whom is married and the other two of whom are step-brothers, and that would be incest.
16. Overall, which show has the better cast, 3 or 5?

3, Mrs Browns Boys has a bigger cast and 99.9999% of the cast are related in some way or other, so it has to be better!
17. Which has the better theme music, 2 or 4?
2 has the better music most definatley, because it has the voice of Gossip Girl speaking over it.

Well, doing that quiz really got me thinking, I don't know about you! If you want to visit my tumblr than either click on the tumblr logo on the right hand side of the page or click on the word 'Tumblr' which is located on the top of this page.

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