Saturday, 9 March 2013

Get Wavy Hair In 8 Simple Steps!

This simple, easy technique takes about only 5 minutes to do and if I can do it, anyone can!

Just before bed....
1) Brush your hair.
2) Tightly plait your dry hair. I plait mine into four equal braids but you can do as many plaits as you like. The more plaits you do the more wavy your hair will be!
3) Gather all of your plaits together and loosely tie a hair bobble around them just to stop them from annoying you. 
3) Go to sleep.

In the morning....
4) Get up and get completely ready to go out. 
5) Undo your plaits. 
6) Using a soft brush if possible gently brush over the top of your head. Try to avoid brushing over the length part of your hair which was plaited unless you want a more wild, frizzy look.
7) Using your fingers and being as light as possible with your hair create your parting. If you have a fringe then brush and style it.
8) If you want to spritz over your hair with hairspray.

Hope my instructions were understandable!

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