Sunday, 10 March 2013

Kind of Spooky...

Today in history the teacher kept going on about how we are all being watched. Which I found freaky, but, at the same time, quite interesting. 

You have a laptop, right? And a phone? And perhaps a iPod? For all of these technology things you download apps, and you always have to agree to various terms and conditions in order to download them. Do you actually read the terms and conditions? I bet you don't, I certainly don't. Should I read any of the terms and conditions chances are I wouldn't understand many, if any, of them. What  access rights have you given the companies who own these apps? You don't know. On my Android phone it says that my Twitter app has permission to use my location, my personal information including contact data, prevent my phone from sleeping and many more things. The network provider of your phone can look at anything you put on your phone, look at your messages, your calenders, your internet history. And the government can, at any time, ask your phone company for access to your phone, something which I find rather worrying, to say the least. Yes, I have a password on my phone to keep it private, but it's not really private at all. In fact, anything to do with technology is not private. And since almost everything is related to some network, some technology, virtually nothing is private these days. Nothing at all.

Nineteen Eighty Four, a book by George Orwell (who also wrote Animal Farm, which you may study/have studied during your GCSEs's) is all about a world where nothing is private, and where big brother is watching your every move. I'm determined to read this book at some point, probably over the summer after my exams as it seems quite interesting. 

How quickly could they find you?
There's currently a program on channel 4 called Utopia. I'm not 100% sure what its about because I've never watched it. However, there is a Utopia quiz, which, once answered tells you how quickly the government could find you, should they want to. Here's what I got:
Click HERE to take the quiz, and see how long it would take THEM to find YOU.

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