Saturday, 22 June 2013

Robots In Disguise

A few weeks ago I was 'surfing the net' (gosh that phrase makes my cringe but I don't know how else to phrase it so I apologize for using it) and I came across a band that consists of two women; Sue Denim and Dee Plume. Their band is/was called Robots In Disguise. I say 'is/was' because I'm not 100% sure that theyre still together. Their music is different to anything I've ever really heard before and, according to wikipedia, which we all know is not the most reliable of sources, their music genre was electropunk. Well, whatever their genre was their music is amazing. Not that big a band Robots In Disguise have had 4 albums; Happiness V Sadness (2011); We're In The Music Biz (2007); Get Rid! (2006); Robots In Disguise (2001). Sue and Dee formed Robots In Disguise whilst they were at the University of Liverpool together.

My personal favourite of their songs is 'The Tears', take a look at the music video below:

Their latest album, Happiness V Sadness, was only able to be made because of their fans, who donated money to the band so that they could finish the album. Barry M cosmetics helped with their single 'Wake Up'  and paid for the music video/Barry M advert to be made. The video features Robot Blue lipstick, which was promoted through the video. 

The music video for 'Wake Up':

Aside from the band Sue is a model for Tatty Devine. Sue's relationship with Tatty Devine lead to the firm designing and making jewelry inspired by the band which was used for RiD's (Robots In Disguise) tour merchandise. 

Another one of my favorites, 'Can't Stop Getting Wasted'. Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be a music video for this song so you'll just have to listen:

Both Sue and Dee appeared as a variety of characters in a number of episodes of The Mighty Boosh. Dee's relationship with Noel Fielding (who was one of the creators of the show) was key to their appearances.

Can't find a music video for this one either, but it's called 'Chains':

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