Saturday, 22 June 2013

In the RED in SUMMER

Scrolling through my list of posts on this blog I came across a draft called 'OOTD' and all that was on the post was this picture of a summery-red outfit:

In this picture I've got a plain black vest top on, a red three-quarter sleeve fitted jacket, a large and simple red necklace, a chunky red belt and a flowery floaty skirt from Next. I'm not too sure where I got most of these items from but I was bored one day and so I just randomly put them together! The colour theme of this outfit is clearly red but you could create a similar outfit using a different colour, for example purple. The only 'colours' (They're not colours, they're tones) I wouldn't try this with are black and white as I can't see it working. Of course, depending on the colour theme you decide to use a white vest top may work better instead of a black one. Oh, and the reason the main colour of this outfit is red is because I built it up around the skirt, and the key colour in the skirt is red. The black in the skirt is what makes the black vest top work.

I think I must've forgotten to post it or intended on coming back to it to finish it off or something. Basically a while ago I was considering beginning to post pictures of some of my outfits in the hope that they may help some of you to create more outfits. I'm planning on actually starting doing this soon and so I guess that this can be the first post of that sort.

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