Sunday, 5 May 2013


I've not posted anything in ages and I will admit it, I feel slightly guilty. Sorry. It's not like I've not been online-in fact I've been on tumblr almost everyday! I've just been a really busy bee lately! This weekend I went on my DofE practice walk and somehow managed to get sun-burnt, something which I'm secretly pleased about, because that means that the sun has, at last, decided to put in an appearance! Still, I've found a few songs which I am ashamed to say I'd not heard before-they are, in my opinion at least, fabulous! To save you some effort I've put the music videos in throughout this post, so you can listen and read.

The video is not so good, but if you close your eyes....
Los Angeles is Burning, Bad Religion

I was going to say next month but then I reliased its actually this month, my final GCSE exams start! [Insert rude word for poo]. So that means I have to revise.... which is a shame because I really haven't got the work ethic. Still, I will simply have to force myself to revise. After all, it's not like I'm the only person with important exams soon which I can't be bothered to revise for...

Teenage Icons, The Vaccines

Being the time of year that it is it means that the auditions for crappy Saturday night shows such as The Voice and BGT are almost over. Thank goodness! Still, last years X-Factor contestants Little Mix seem to have done well for themselves, three popular songs by them I can remember being unfortunate to hear played repeatedly on the radio. But ah well,  I guess everyone has to make a living somehow! And they can sing.....

Blue Song, Mint Royale

Last thing, whilst trunddling my way through the mass of the internet I came across this website, With a supply of up-to-date cultural coolness I suggest you take a peek.

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